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Arredamenti Figliolia

Figliolia Furniture

Figliola Furniture is one of the most innovative companies operating in the sector of prestige. To confirm this, there are the countless achievements of furniture, custom-made and not,  realized  with the incredible ability to combine the craftsmanship and the strong craftsmanship in woodworking. Particular reference is the nineteenth century French replication and Boiseries Directoire furniture that are made in all types of wood, in particular, cherry, walnut, oak, etc..
Our company has 50 years of experience in the supply of furniture. We specialize in the production of custom-made furniture, we use quality materials to accurately choosing the wood and accessories. After fifty years of activity this company is one of the most quoted reality of quality furniture, its accomplishments give charm and prestige in many houses in Italy, Russia, France and the United States ..
We build your dreams turning them into furnishing projects that conform to any space available, we create environments and furnishings that give you the chance to live, use and enjoy your space: we furnish!
We offer classic and modern solutions, we have a great attention to the environment in which you live or work, and based on all these elements we  develop our projects drawing shapes, choosing colours and materials as a function of housing needs.
We manufacture custom furniture and offer a wide measure of exposure and choice of bedrooms and children's rooms, closets of the best companies at competitive prices. We assist our clients at every stage, from the choice, to the design, implementation, assembly and after-sales service.
In addition to the product in its joinery, we also sell other brands including: Jean Louis Rochar which is also representative and distributor in Italy. Much attention is given to modern decor that is made with the usual carefully crafted by the choice of materials, finish, however it must be relevant to structural criteria of the company.

La Falegnameria

Gli arredamenti vengono progettati mediando il gusto del cliente con quanto razionalmente, professionalmente e scenograficamente viene messo su carta dai nostri designers.
Una volta elaborato, il progetto viene preso in carico dai responsabili della falegnameria per studiarne la fattibilità e renderlo esecutivo. Per Arredamenti Figliolia parlare di falegnameria è improprio in quanto il sito di produzione si può tranquillamente definire un  “ATELIER D’ARTE” per la presenza di validi artigiani “VERI ARTISTI” che si dedicano senza problemi ai vari processi della lavorazione di un mobile artistico quali:
ebanisteria, intarsio, intaglio, lucidatura, decorazioni e quant’altro.


  • La Falegnameria_1
  • Descrizione:

    lavorazione cassetti

  • La Falegnameria_2
  • Descrizione:

    mobile di complemento in cucina

  • La Falegnameria_3
  • Descrizione:

    lavorazione coda di rondine su cassetti

  • La Falegnameria_4
  • Descrizione:

    lavorazione coda di rondine

  • La Falegnameria_5
  • Descrizione:

    lavorazione coda di rondine su cassetti

  • La Falegnameria_6
  • Descrizione:

    lavorazione coda di rondine su cassetto

  • La Falegnameria_7
  • Descrizione:

    lavorazione coda di rondine su cassetti

  • La Falegnameria_8
  • Descrizione:

    como' in  ciliegio massello

  • La Falegnameria_9
  • Descrizione:

    particolare struttura como' in ciliegio - coda di rondine su cassetto

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Dove Siamo

Arredamenti Figliolia Srls – Via Rosa Jemma, 104 - 84091 Battipaglia – SA -

Arredamenti Figliolia Srls – Via Rosa Jemma, 104 - 84091 Battipaglia – SA - - Italy - tel 0828.304971 - fax 0828.871370 - info@arredamentifigliolia.it